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bcos im high till i die, why would i lie, cos im high right now, i could die right now [08 Oct 2008 · 12:17pm]
..welcome to pardise.
im so bored of life

its the same thing everyday.

im done with this thing.
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[01 Sep 2007 · 8:11pm]
[ mood | This smiley looks like Batman. ]

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This journal is friends only.

1)Tell me where you know me from.
2)Add me first, please.

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[30 Aug 2007 · 7:16pm]
I just deleted loads of you.
if your not sure why I deleted you here are some options.
a)you never comment my entrys.
b)I never read your journal.
c)you just annoy me in general.
d)your journal is boring and rapes my friends page.

if your wondering why I have kept you, and you dont comment me.
a)your journal is interesting to read.
b)I forgot to delete you by accident.

If you think you've been deleted by accident, and want to be added again or you just want to be added again cos you think I'm great and would comment more (lol) then comment here (I aint gonna be getting many of those ;D)

p.s i just puked a bit in my mouth.
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